We at Creative Case Management, Inc. (CCM) believe in personalized, action-oriented rehabilitation service that is:


  • Working hard on your caseWe will not take a file that requires excessive drive time.
  • We charge hourly at or below our competitors.
  • We are always moving the file toward closure.


  • We take our certifications seriously.
  • We won’t take on more business than we can handle.
  • We offer objective, professional opinions in line with current Illinois law.


  • We back up what we say with the facts.Welcoming
  • We know the physicians with proven track records for industry.
  • We have developed our track record since 1991.


  • We listen and adapt
    to your needs.
  • We are assertive, innovative and efficient.
  • We identify what needs to be resolved to close the case.

…and flexible to meet the unique needs of each case. Founded in 1991, Creative Case Management still retains an intimacy and responsiveness with our clients that comes from sticking close to you, the customer, and listening. Our staff has worked in this market for the duration of their careers and knows the nuances of state law as well as which doctors provide results and which may be questionable.

We build our service around your specific needs, not around what our national headquarters may dictate as the “way we should do business.”